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In Pakistan, Digital Media Engages Farmers and Value Chain Actors on Biofortification

The worldwide proliferation of mobile devices, including in rural parts of low- and middle-income countries, has made social and other digital media readily available to billions of people. These platforms are becoming cost-effective ways of creating awareness and educating target populations interactively, even in the smallholder farming sector. In Pakistan, there are nearly 200 million…

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Pakistan Officials Endorse New Standards for Trade in Zinc-enriched Wheat Grain

22 April 2022, Pakistan: Pakistani government officials have voiced strong endorsement for a new standard for zinc-enriched wheat grains that was developed through the Commercialisation of Biofortified Crops (CBC) Programme. The officials urged wheat value chain actors to apply the standards in practice and called on Pakistani regulators to adopt these standards through their due…

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Farmer Field Days in South Asia: Bringing Farmers Together to Access Nutrient-enriched Crops

Farmer field days (FFDs) are on-farm classrooms which help farmers learn successful farming technologies and techniques, and get practical information from agricultural experts, fellow farmers and research organizations that the farmers can use to plan or enhance their own operations. Farmer field days also help farmers see how farming techniques can be practically used and…

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