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Senior Advisor - Commercialization

Jenny Walton

Jenny Walton – Global head of commercialization and scaling, Washington DC. Jenny is a nutritionist with 25+ years’ experience in the commercial food industry and latterly the HarvestPlus program of IFPRI and the CGIAR.  Applying learning from the private sector to improve food systems with nutrient enriched crops, Jenny brings extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition research, policy, regulations, and supply chains – all of the tools required to take sustainable nutrition interventions to market.  She has over 20 peer reviewed publications in food science, nutrition, and biofortification.  During her time at Harvestplus, Walton led the publication of the global standards for biofortified grains which has created the commercial value for biofortified crops versus standard.  She has led the development and publication of biofortification delivery models and scaling strategies. Jenny leads the strategy for the research and adoption of technology and digitization in biofortified supply chains and is currently working on the development and implementation of digital agricultural extension, farmer support applications, traceability, and communications.