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Nutritious AgriFuture

We’re Promoting Climate Smart Production of Nutrient Enriched Crops as Part of Healthy Diets to Address Micronutrient Deficiencies


Food Production

Supporting seed, grain, and food businesses to build sustainable businesses based on nutritious products.

Network for Testing Germplasm

Provide service to clients both national and international suchas CGAIR centers partner to screen newly developed germplasm of nutritious and other cropsfor yield performance, disease resistance ratings, and grain quality or other client-preferredtraits.


Ensuring your products are genuinely biofortified and conform to standards and regulations.

Advisory Services

Working with farmers to take the latest information on crop production technologies, climate issues, and nutritious food production.

Inclusive Programming

Ensuring women and minority groups are part of and lead voices in ourwork.

Technology & Digitization

Ensuring a modern approach and utilizing the latest technology innutrition-sensitive agriculture.

Project Management

Help organizations and donors to manage projects related to agricultureresearch for development, nutritious food, and value chain projects.

Capacity Building & Training

Build the capacity of actors close to smallholder farmers and foodbusinesses to increase their food sufficiency and incomes.
What We Do

Currently We Are Growing And Scaling Nutrients Enriched Crops Such As High Zinc Wheat Seed And Grain

Nutritious Agri Future is a commercial spin-off organization of the HarvestPlus program of the CGIAR. We exist to be independent in the commercial marketplace to ensure biofortification remains sustainably embedded into food supply chains without the continuous need for donor subsidies.

Biofortified Crops Around the World

Explore the Global Reach map to see where hundreds of CGIAR/HarvestPlus biofortified varieties are released or in testing.

Advancing Availability of Biofortified Foods for Institutional Markets

To increase access to nutritious food for 1.2 million children in Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi, HarvestPlus has partnered with AGRA, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to integrate biofortified vitamin A maize and iron beans into school feeding programs produced by local smallholders.

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